Why Buy From Surgesound? All the Benefits Explained

Think geek. In fact, think techie guru! When you’re delving into the deep world of speaker components, you need someone by your side who’s going to shine a light.

Step forward Surgesound Australia.

You see, loudspeaker components are our passion. We enjoy nothing more than tweaking a bit of sound here or discussing top-notch low-pitched audio frequencies.

We pride ourselves on the high-quality and competitive pricing of all our products. Read on to find out more about why Surgesound should be your first port of call for all your speaker components.

The Finest Components

Understanding how high-quality components enhance your acoustic experience means having an understanding of how audio signals degrade.

It doesn’t matter which sort of system you are listening to a sound source through. The signal will deteriorate at every phase in the process. High-quality speaker components may not enhance acoustic signals but they will make your acoustic experience better by mitigating any deterioration of the sound signal.

In essence, we believe the best components on the market are there to reproduce the original recorded sound as closely as possible faithfully.

High-quality sound can sometimes feel like a relic from the past. We’ve had to endure listening to music in low-resolution mp3 form through a pair of earbuds for many years now.

Switching to sounds that are a whole lot better and more authentic means making a commitment to first-class speaker components from the ground up. That includes amplifiers, drivers and even top-quality cables.

Surgesound Australia only stocks loudspeaker components of the finest quality. Eighteen Sound, Ciare and B&C Speakers products are our staples for a reason.

We know that the years of skill and expertise that went into developing these brands mean they are second to none. Designed in Italy, these loudspeaker components are the crème de la crème in the sound world.

A Reputation You Can Trust and Products Made to Last

Surgesound has a wealth of industry knowledge and experience behind it. Key staff have immersed themselves in the pro audio industry, both in the pro tour and installation markets for over 20 years.

You’ll find our representatives at all the major audio events in Australia. Our presence has become a standard fixture that attendees have come to expect. We love nothing more than meeting others who are as passionate about sound quality as we are.

We have built up a formidable team of consultants and system designers that would be the envy of any rival. Although we supply to the general public, we are the “go-to” speaker component outlet for sound engineers, certified instructors, and AV technicians.

As the distributor of the best quality speaker components in Australia and New Zealand, we’re able to combine the supply of our world-class products with in-depth insight into audio-visual solutions with expert personal service.

Our customers can expect fast quick turnaround times for parts and ordered products. The most popular speaker models get warehoused in Queensland from where we can dispatch them across the country quickly and efficiently.

Unmatched Expertise and Superb Support

We can access speaker parts and products not held in our inventory. We’ll get them to you via courier service within a 3–5-day window provided they’re available. What makes Surgesound so special and unique is the level of expertise and support we’re able to offer our customers.

Our breadth of knowledge in audio means we can offer tips and advice about:

  • Product application
  • Cabinet design
  • Which speaker components work best together

If you’ve got burning questions, are in need of a little insight or just want a guiding hand, we’ll be there to help. You can reach us through our contact form or by phone. There will always be someone available who has a genuine interest in what you’re trying to achieve.

Our goal is to help and support you in coming up with the most appropriate solutions. Because we only employ audio experts, we’re able to provide our customers with a bespoke service that encourages engagement for the best possible results.

Always Competitively Priced

We understand that quality speaker components backed up by the best-quality service can only get us so far. Price matters and will, more often than not, be a determining factor in our potential customers’ choices.

That’s why we guarantee the lowest prices on all our in-stock products. That’s when compared to authorised resellers of the same item. We want our customers to feel confident that they can shop for the best-quality loudspeaker components at the best possible prices on the market.

When you buy from Surgesound you’re getting a cut above the rest. Our prices include:

  • The best quality audio products that money can buy
  • Ultra-fast speaker component delivery anywhere in Australia and New Zealand
  • The backup of a team of audio experts on hand to offer help and advice
  • Free local postage in Australia (Tasmania, and NZ calculated per order)

All that’s left for you to do is sit back and enjoy your top tunes in the comfort of your own surroundings. You can take satisfaction that you’re listening to sound as it should be.

Check Out Speaker Components Australia!

Regarding speaker components, value, expertise, reputation, product quality and support, Surgesound Australia has you covered.

All our loudspeaker components are available for purchase online. Take a look now and see the full range we have on offer. If you have any queries at all about any aspect of your speaker design, please get in touch.

Sound is our passion and we love nothing more than helping others achieve the best possible audio results. Make Surgesound your first and only stop for the best speaker components on the market.


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