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Optimising Performance with Crossovers For Speakers

A great speaker is the sum of its parts, and to create the most outstanding speaker, those parts have to be second to none. Crossovers for speakers are speaker components that can make or break sound quality.

You could think of them as being a speaker’s central nervous system, ensuring the correct audio frequencies get to the right drivers in your sound system.

Read on to find out why it makes sense to buy your speaker components online from Surgesound for the best possible sound quality.

The Heart of Audio Excellence: Understanding Crossovers

You’ll find crossovers in almost all loudspeakers. The clue as to their primary function lies in their name. Crossovers separate a single sound source and ensure the right signal range gets to the right driver.

So, with a crossover, tweeters will only receive the highest frequencies, for example. They won’t get any of the lower ones that would be inappropriate for their design. Crossovers are a bit like traffic police officers for sound. They direct low bass to your sub, midrange to your woofers and highs to your tweeters.

Types of Crossovers for Speakers

There are two main types: active and passive. Although active crossovers need power and ground connections, they’ll give you far more flexibility and fine-tuning control when listening to your favourite tunes. They do this through adjustable filters.

Passive crossovers don’t need the power to filter the signal. There are two types of passive crossovers. These are in-line crossovers that fit in between the amp and the receiver. The others are component crossovers that connect between the speakers and the amplifier.

The Role of Crossovers For Speakers in Optimising Audio Clarity

If there were no crossovers in your speakers, the result could be a total audio mess. Your sub and midrange drivers would duplicate too many of the same frequencies. Your sub would waste effort trying to emit a lot of high notes it wasn’t meant to handle, and bass notes would wreck your tweets.

Crossovers sort your sound out by managing the frequency ranges. Surgesound has made a commitment to only stock and supply the best possible online speaker components. These include its B&C crossovers.

How Crossovers For Speakers Improve Speaker Quality

Crossovers help to achieve optimum audio clarity. You might want to expand your sound system in the future. If so, it’s advisable to go for a separate outboard crossover rather than relying on the ones built into your amplifier or receiver.

Although these built-in crossovers can work well, they will never be able to offer the total system control of an outboard unit. Also, if you ever upgrade your amp further down the line, you won’t have to give up your crossover.

We refer to a sound system as “active” when each driver has its own amplification channel. These increase the available power, the softest to loudest sound range and your ability to control the system’s tonal response over the entire sound spectrum.

Active crossovers typically have volume controls on each channel or pair of channels. You can then keep all the “voices” of the different drivers in balance. Some active crossovers have other sound-processing features, such as equalisation. These let you tweak the sound further to get it to your precise personal satisfaction.

Precision and Power

You can individually adjust the crossovers on some high-end loudspeakers using high or low-pass filters. A high pass filter lets the high frequencies pass and stops all lower frequencies below a particular threshold from reaching a driver. Low pass filters do the opposite for bass and midbass drivers.

As well as helping a loudspeaker reproduce optimum sound, crossovers stop loudspeakers from getting to their so-called resonant frequencies. This would be when the enclosure surrounding one or more drivers starts to vibrate.

Resonant frequencies can lead to the reproduction of particular tones being louder than others and create distorted sounds. A speaker crossover can eliminate the sound frequency that leads to these types of vibrations, ensuring crystal-clear quality every time.

Applications in the Real World: Large Speaker Systems

Outside of the home, there are a whole host of opportunities for sound quality to contribute to thrilling experiences. Crossovers for speakers play a vital role in ensuring everything we hear is as it should be.

You could listen to your favourite classical pieces in a large concert hall while distinguishing between the different instrumental or vocal sections. This will play into your enjoyment of the arrangement.

You might become enthralled in a play where hearing a mere whisper is integral to the plot. When you’re in the cinema, the sound of a plane’s engine roaring can create the sensation that you are the next Top Gun-style fighter pilot.

The appealing clarity of the sound at a major sports event can let you get carried away and lost in the excitement. At a large convention centre, a great sound system can make you feel the speaker is directing their words only to you.

The invisible, humble crossover is often the unsung hero at any significant event, turning what could be a mediocre experience into one that’s both memorable and full of excitement.

The Benefits of Surgesound: Why Choose Our Crossovers

The craftsmanship of the crossovers Surgesound stocks is without parallel. Our supplier, B&C Speakers, guarantees its products for three years. It can only do this because of its rigorous attention to quality control.

All B&C speaker components get electronically tested for rub and buzz problems. B&C’s technicians ensure the frequency response and electrical impedance of its components fall within recognised tolerance windows.

All this expertise benefits our customers’ ears, creating the ultimate listening experience. When buying crossovers for speakers, look no further than Surgesound and its B&C speaker components.

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