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From Design to Performance: A Deep Dive into Ciare Speakers

Let’s get the introductions over with first! Ciare is an Italian brand, so, as you’d expect its name has its roots in Italy. You pronounce Ciare, “Chah-ray.”

Here at Surgesound, we’re proud to be stocking Ciare speakers. Ciare’s products have become synonymous with high-quality sound and expertise. Read on to find out why you should include them when building your custom DIY speakers.

What Makes Ciare Stand Out From the Pack

Ciare has been bringing “Made in Italy” sound quality to the world for over 65 years. It works on the premise that there is no one-size-fits-all sound that’s going to please everyone.

It’s, therefore, directed its focus on listening to the needs of its customers and diverse markets. It’s concentrated on specific solutions for all of them. For example, the X-Treme high-power subwoofers use Ciare loudspeakers with neodymium magnets.

Over time, the company has built a reputation for the design and production of loudspeakers. That encompasses components for amplification boxes in the professional, home hi-fi and car sound sectors.

Ciare: A Brief History

Ciare’s expert technicians have transformed their customers’ needs into reality. This has happened by creating solutions and products that come with unmistakable sound quality. The company believes every dream should have its own sound and for that reason, it creates bespoke audio products.

Over the years, highlights have included:

  • 1980: the Electronic melody commercial brand dedicated to hi-fi car lovers
  • 1990: the Twin Driver concentric two-way medium-high unit
  • 1993: the Sub Otto project, a car subwoofer
  • 1996: the release of Planet, a medium 360° adjustable car tweeter
  • 1997: Compak, an ultra-compact 160 mm mid-woofer
  • 1998: the Kit Chorus, a specific horn system for car use
  • 2004: release of 4-coil subwoofer with neodymium magnetic complex for cars
  • 2005-9: neodymium “tablets” used in a door loudspeaker for SPL competitions
  • 2010: the release of a subwoofer dedicated to SPL competitions
  • 2012: Electronic Melody and Ciare Speakers merge to form one company

By 2015, the company had become part of the Eighteen Sound family. A new era began for Ciare that saw it engaged in increasingly innovative projects and products.

Design Features of Ciare Speakers

Research, development, advanced technologies, craftsmanship and industrial vision are the hallmarks of Ciare. Ciare’s versatility has the ability to transform the needs of every customer into unmistakable sound quality.

There are certified and controlled production standards during the production process guaranteeing quality throughout Ciare’s supply chain. Ciare uses specialist software and automated systems to ensure consistently high standards.

Ciare sources raw materials exclusively from certified suppliers. During the production phases, automatic control systems guarantee maximum precision. The production cycle ends with an accurate performance check on each piece produced. This ensures maximum compliance with Ciare’s performance and aesthetic standards.

Ciare is a “steel in,” “product out,” facility. There’s not much that enters its buildings that’s not basically metal or raw materials. Everything gets built inside from the bottom up.

Ciare Wants to Talk to You!

Ciare has always tried to engage with its customers when they’re choosing the product that best suits their needs. The company says it wants them to get the most out of their applications.

Ciare believes in the sharing of information and knowledge. It sees it as crucial as a means to grow and as a way to offer the most appropriate products for any given market. It takes the contributions and inspiration it gets from its customers very seriously.

DIY Speakers with Ciare Components

If you want to suggest a kit of your own design, made with Ciare’s products, you should get in touch with Ciare so they can work with you and even publish and share the results with other custom speaker enthusiasts on their website.

Here’s one example we came across for a car system from a DIY speaker enthusiast:

“Ciare 6.38NdW mids crossed over at 90 hertz, paired up with some hertz 280.3 tweeters and one stereo Integrity rm15 in a sealed enclosure at 2.5 cubic feet.”

This Ciare speakers enthusiast gushes about the results as being “absolutely unreal.”

The person in question was listening to a live acoustical performance by the Swedish rock band, Opeth. They say they could practically hear, smell and taste the wood of the guitar one of the band members was playing!

 2 x Ciare Subwoofer Products we Recommend

By 2017, B&C Speakers had added Eighteen Sound (and its own previous acquisition, Ciare) to its list of companies. Surgesound is able to offer these 2 Ciare products:

  • PWA 15.75 Subwoofer 15” Ferrite
  • PWA 12.64 Subwoofer 12”’ Ferrite

The Subwoofer 15” has these specs:

Program Power: 1000 W

Rated Impedance: 8 Ohm

Nominal Diameter:  15”- 380 mm

Sensitivity: 97,9 dB (2,83V/1m)

Voice Coil Diameter: 3 in – 75 mm

Frequency Range: 40-3000 Hz

The Subwoofer 12” has these specs:

Program Power: 600 W

Rated Impedance: 8 Ohm

Nominal Diameter: 12”- 320 mm

Sensitivity: 97,8 dB (2,83V/1m)

Voice Coil Diameter: 2,5 in – 64 mm

Frequency Range: 50-3000 Hz

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