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Beyond Bass: The Benefits Of B&C Speakers

A brand’s association with top quality does not tend to happen overnight. It takes hard work, time and investment for the connection to become embedded in our psyche. B&C has become the Rolls Royce or Rolex of the speaker world and for good reason.

Founded over 3/4 of a century ago, the brand has pushed the limits of speaker driver manufacturing to dizzying heights.

When you’re searching for speakers online, these are the ones to check and try out. Read on to find out what makes B&C Speakers so special.

Steeped in History

B&C Speakers has its head office in Florence in central Italy and has been in the speaker business since 1946. It’s grown into one of the world’s biggest and most distinguished professional loudspeaker transducer manufacturers.

Over the years, it’s built up a fierce and enviable reputation. Other top professional audio brands trust B&C so much that they get the company to supply them with components to fit their own products.

Back in 2009, B&C opened its new state-of-the-art production facility. Bigger than a standard rugby field, it allowed B&C Speakers to take its products to a new and consistent level of quality.

There were improved automation and quality control systems put in place. There was also a separate head office building to house the sales, accounting and development arms of the business.

Investing in Research and Development

The Research and Development Department employs 10 per cent of B&C’s workforce. That’s allowed B&C Speakers to stay ahead of the game, come up with innovative solutions and take advantage of technological advances.

B&C has focused on high-frequency drivers and horns, cone drivers and coaxial components. The company has made a commitment to applying an eclectic line of Low-Frequency drivers that stretches up to 21”. It also offers a comprehensive line of High-Frequency drivers.

The First Choice for the World’s Biggest Stadiums

The development team has made key refinements in magnet assemblies, high-frequency diaphragm technology, chassis design, cone geometry and more. The result is a first-class range of components.

B&C’s engineers have optimised each design with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software. This makes sure that every design performs at its full potential time after time.

Nightclubs, stadiums and concert halls across the globe, choose B&C speakers for their reliability and consistency but most of all for their brilliant sound quality. B&C is the market leader in the evolution of cone speakers.

B&C Speakers: the Products

You only have to look at the extensive list of products B&C Speakers manufactures to see why they are masters of their craft. Here’s a taster of some of what they have available:

LF Drivers

B&C Speakers offers a well-balanced line of LF drivers. The company has reshaped and perfected its products over the years. That means the newest and latest models have:

  • Enhanced sensitivity and power
  • Better handling power and increased excursion
  • Lower distortion levels

B&C is a leader in the development of neodymium woofers for the professional audio market. As well as optimised frequency response curves, its newer woofers feature baskets designed to maximise power handling, excursion and heat dissipation.

Its NDL series strikes the balance between lighter weight and better performance. It’s designed its MBX and MDN series for high-output MidBass applications, particularly in compact enclosures. The MBX series blends linearity, high sensitivity, and superb power handling for a superb all-around product.

The NBX and NW series features an extremely high-energy neodymium magnet assembly. A specially designed double silicone spider provides superb excursion control.

The SW series marks a new era in neodymium magnet subwoofers, focusing on long, large-diameter voice coils for better power handling and low-power compression. And, the most recent DS series features high Bl motors with 4-layer aluminium voice coils, for high-sensitivity subwoofer applications.


A series of high-frequency horns completes the range of B&C electro-acoustic systems. It includes constant directivity models renowned for their excellent consistency in angular coverage.

The exponential models optimise acoustical load and acoustic energy transfer. The standardised diameters give designers the freedom to select the best driver/horn mix for the project they’re working on.


B&C’s coaxial loudspeakers incorporate the features of its finest compression drivers and cone loudspeakers into a single-piece, point-source solution. Their format allows electro-acoustical designers to construct really compact, versatile systems.

Most of the FCX, FHX, CXN and HCX series coaxial designs have a single magnet structure for both the woofer and high-frequency driver. This makes them more compact, cost-effective and lighter than a dual-driver coaxial option, without compromising overall performance.

All coaxial loudspeaker cones get treated with a fine mesh HF driver protection screen along with a protective waterproof coating. This ensures they operate in any kind of environment.


As you’d expect, B&C’s range of crossovers allows the unfiltered audio signal to become divided according to a predefined upper or lower threshold. They’ll supply each driver with the optimum signal range for the design.

Proud Distributors of B&C Commerical Grade Speakers

At Surgesound Australia, we’re delighted to be the number one choice for B&C Speakers distribution in Australia and New Zealand which allows us to offer high-end speakers online. We have joined a stellar line-up of fellow B&C Speakers dealers across the globe.

We’re able to offer our customers a gateway to local support and fast turnaround times for components and speakers online. We can deliver speaker parts and products not held in our inventory within a 3–5-day window subject to availability. Our mission is to get the components you want to you as quickly as possible.

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