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Surgesound Australia is the official distributor for Australia and NZ.  Customers now have access to local support and quick turnaround times for parts and ordered products.

Popular speaker models will be warehoused in Queensland so they can be dispatched around the country quickly and efficiently. Access to speaker parts and products not held in our inventory will be accessible via a courier service and delivered to you within a 3–5-day period, depending on availability.

Surgesound stock three of the world’s leading driver manufacturing companies. Key staff have been involved in the pro audio industry, both in the Pro tour and installation markets for over 20 years. We offer a broad wealth of knowledge in audio, including insights into cabinet designs, advice on product application, and all things related to speaker components.

Technical support for all products will be available Monday – Friday 9.00am -5.00 pm, either via our contact form or telephone.


Surgesound recently opened in  2021. The company has several specialists working within the organisation ranging from pro audio design consultants to FOH engineers.

Surgesound’s common goal is to build a local company that will supply components from some of the of the world’s leading speaker driver manufacturers. The goal is to be able to supply, support, and offer cost-effective solutions across a wide range of products, and get them to clients as fast as possible.

NO more spending hours having to make your own inquiries with various overseas suppliers, as the official regional distributor for AU and NZ, Surgesound can readily provide information and, sales and aftercare support at competitive prices for high end audio customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Clients now have access to buy serviceable parts or new speaker components equipment from the B&C, 18 Sound and the Ciare brands.

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